SEO is available for businesses looking to increase their visibility on the internet, on search engines like Google. At Cre8ive sense we can design SEO packages to suit businesses of any sizes and budgets!

SEO Experts has become an essential marketing strategy for businesses wishing to reach out to new customers. It can help achieve higher positions in search results making your business easier to find for others who are looking for your product/service.

Below we have provided some further information for how SEO services work, if you would like information on package details or have any questions please contact us.

How does it work?

SEO is the process of optimizing a websites performance with search engines, to achieve better results for your website when any relevant search terms are entered.

To design an effective SEO campaign we focus on three areas:

Search Analysis – we look at what people are searching for in relation to the product/service you provide in order to create ‘Keywords’ or search terms. These help design your SEO, to make it a success we assess you competition too…many businesses go for the obvious “keyword” making the SEO less effective as there is too much competition for these.

Onsite – once we know your completion and have found suitable keywords we apply these to your website. This involves editing the website ‘meta tags’ and evaluating the content on a website as well as how the websites pages are linked. These changes will reflect the keywords, so that when a search engine e.g. Google does a search they can easily find you.  

Offsite – here we focus on promoting your website on the internet to build up links from other websites to your own. These links need to come from respectable sources and should be relevant to the content on your own website. The building of links to your website is noticed and indexed by the search engines such as Google and when done correctly, this greatly helps the performance of a website with the targeted search results.

Why are we a good choice for providing SEO?

We guarantee results; if your websites performance in search results does not improve within 6 months your money will be refunded! We require 6 months as it takes search engines up to 3 months to index all links and apply the changes to their search results).

The SEO campaign will be designed specifically for you, based on achieving realistic results using respectable techniques so as to preserve the integrity of your business. We understand advertising is important but maintaining your reputation is equally important.



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